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Exceptional care from a skilled and talented dentist in NYC who is also a really great guy.

Let's face it.

You want your dentist to have the expertise to make the right diagnosis, the education to deliver the most advanced procedures, the heart
and easy manner to soothe your unease,
and a wonderful staff 
that works with your schedule
and makes you feel
well-cared for.

You're busy. It’s time to stop looking. You've found
your dental home with Michael Sinkin DDS MAGD.
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What patients are saying:

  • Dear Dr. Sinkin, You are a wonderfully gifted dentist and I think your skill is amazing. Coming into the city from Forest Hills can be a pain, but I would not trade you in for another dentist, no matter what. I recommend you with out hesitation. Any patient of yours can consider themselves blessed.
  • Dr. Sinkin is THE BEST dentist ever! Not only is he technically skilled and a delightful person who is enthusiastic about his work, but he keeps his skills updated. In fact, he recently graduated from a 2-year implant program at NYU and is going on for a third year so he can become even more skilled. That is dedication to one's profession and to one's patients! I would recommend him to anyone who is the slightest bit unhappy with their current dentist. You will never be unhappy again!
  • Growing up my father was my dentist...filling his shoes was a tough thing for me. Dr. Michael Sinkin has made it easy, a pleasure and my dental work has been really incredible. My dad spoiled me by taking such great care of me...and now Michael does!!! Need a dentist? I strongly recommend him.
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